The Oceania Fencing Confederation (OFC) is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the promotion and development of

the sport of fencing in the Oceania Zone.


The OFC is affiliated to the Fédération Internationale d’Escrime (FIE).


Aims of Oceania Fencing Confederation

To control, integrate, and foster participation at all levels of Fencing in Oceania.

To promote recognition of Fencing as a leading participative and Olympic sport.

To encourage the provision of appropriate facilities for participation in Fencing.

To act in the interests of sport, and Fencing in particular.

To establish and maintain cordial relations with other sporting bodies.

To promote and develop the standards of officiating throughout the Zone.

To promote and develop the standards of coaching throughout the Zone.

To promote and develop the standards of administration throughout the Zone.



Australian Fencing Federation (AFF)

President: Mr Andrew Ius


Fencing New Zealand (FeNZ)

President: Mr Ian Perry


Guam Fencing Federation (GFF)

President: Mr Neal Kranz


Samoa Fencing Association (SFA)

President: Tuala Olivetti Ah Him



Associate Members


Ligue d’Escrime de Nouvelle-Calédonie

(New Caledonian Fencing League)

President : Mme Patricia Argelier


Polynesian Fencing Federation

President : Mr Bruno Sanchez